Studying in Australia

The famous working holiday visa doesn’t just allow you to work and holiday in Australia, it gives you the opportunity to study there too. You can undertake courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide to name a few, and with many colleges and universities to pick from,  the variety of courses is huge! No matter […]

Starting a Sign Language Course

A sign language course can open you up to more opportunities, it can make you a more attractive proposition for employers, and it’s an incredible qualification to have. There are now many courses that you can take online, and more and more people are undertaking them. You get the flexibility to learn in the space […]

Training to become a tattooist

Many tattooists start out as artists and art in itself is arguably a skill that you can’t be taught. Okay so you can take art lessons at school and you can refine your brush strokes but if you don’t have that inner creativity, it’s very difficult to do anything in your future that relates to […]

Online cooking lessons

Okay so it’s not the most common online course, but it does exist. Online cooking courses are usually led by experienced chefs, and they essentially take you through the stages of cooking a fab dish in a series of video tutorials. It’s a really useful course to take if you’re looking to get a few […]

Teaching yourself

We’re very fortunate to be able to find information quickly and easily, and not every generation had our possibilities, so we should all be making the most of it. We’re essentially able to teach ourselves by browsing the internet, taking courses and simply reading whenever we feel like it. There’s so much information out there, […]

Digital Photo Processing Courses

If you’re a photographer, you may think you’re pretty decent at editing your photos, but if you look at the photos used in lifestyle magazines and glossies, you could be some way behind. Digital image processing is an art form on it’s own. It takes years of practice to edit a photo to perfection. Being […]