Design Courses Online

There are many different types of design courses online, and whether you’re looking to create infographics, websites, posters, or banner adverts, there will be a course out there with your name on it. Most of these courses include video walkthroughs, whilst you submit your work online at the end of the course to have it […]

What Makes You a Skilled Teaching Assistant?

Are you vying for a summer job this season? If you’re thinking of becoming a teaching assistant you must have a clear perspective of what the job entails. The pivotal role of becoming one requires experience, skills and a proper certification. Do you have the qualifications for such a profile? The assistant offers support to […]

Becoming an Online Tutor

Whether you have a passion for teaching Spanish, guitar, singing or mathematics, you can teach enthusiastic students online from the comfort of your own home. You get the opportunity to teach people from around the globe, and there are many different online tutoring websites to sign up to. As an online tutor, you get flexibility […]

Online Health and Safety Courses – Worth it?

Health and safety isn’t something you need to learn in a classroom, you can complete courses online to improve your knowledge and develop your safety skills. There are so many specialist courses available, so whether you’re working with machinery or looking to make sure your workplace is safe for yourself and your employees, you can […]

The Importance of a Portfolio

No matter what industry you’re looking to break into, you need to show you have the drive, enthusiasm, skills and experience to develop a successful career. Many industries also demand a portfolio of work, including: Photography Journalism Creative Writing Marketing Advertising Design If your portfolio is broad, you will give yourself a better chance of […]

Personal Development Courses Online

Personal development courses can cover a huge range of topics, including psychology, research methods, memory and cognition, study skills, nutrition and yoga among other subjects. You can change your lifestyle with a personal development course, and many people have used these to become more focused and entrepreneurial. Sometimes, it’s important to take care of yourself, […]

Why Learn HTML?

Every good website designer, developer and programmer will understand HTML, because it is still universally used to create websites, even if there are only elements in a website that include HTML. A very good WYSIWYG (What You See Is What You Get) will allows website users to edit and add content easily, and this automatically […]