One topic that is being highly debated in the education sector is whether or not children need to be in school to learn.

The truth is, we do believe that there is a benefit that children gain from learning in a classroom. When you think about it, they are being taught by people who have trained for years to gain this job. They are being taught valuable lessons by people who simply know what they are doing. The teachers are kept up-to-date on what the children need to know to pass their exams which will be used in later life when they are gaining employment.

Learning in a classroom at school is not only about what they learn through lessons, but about the other skills, they gain. By going to school children are learning respect. They are learning how to listen. Learning how to complete tasks within a time limit. Most importantly learning how to build relationships with other people their age. These are things that they can simply not do when learning at home.

Following on from this, learning does not need to stop when the children leave the classroom. Parents should be aware that everything they do in life with their children is a learning experience for them, it does not need to be left down to the teachers. Outside of the classroom children can learn other valuable skills like road safety and cooking. As well as being to improve the skills they learn in school like maths, reading, and writing.

Education does not need to only be classroom-based, but we do believe that it is important for children to go to school to gain the skills they need from the classroom. But parents should continue learning outside of the classroom, and it should be acceptable for parents to take their children out of school for holidays that can provide a learning purpose.