Organise your training with a Filofax

Starting a new course can be difficult to juggle, especially if you have a family and other priorities. Getting your life organised is easier said than done, however having a Filofax is a good starting point. The great thing about this type of organiser is that you can choose what sections you want to add […]

Want a change in career?

If you are considering a change in career, have you thought about attending an evening course to help you get the education you need to make a change? Although night classes aren’t easy, they require dedication and good attendance, you will be rewarded with the qualification at the end to make it all worthwhile.  Evening […]

Career change before it’s begun: Changing Course

It is always advisable to weigh up your options before deciding whether or not to change your course. Many students start pursuing certain courses only to drop them along the way because they never took the time to make an informed decision. Don’t do something you regret without weighing up the consequences, read our tips […]

Benefits of teaching in British primary schools

There are many advantages to being a primary school educator and we’re going to run you through some of the main ones in more detail. A challenging work environment When you work with kids, your brain will always be challenged by the different problems that you encounter. A great teacher is someone with a true […]

Online cooking lessons

Okay so it’s not the most common online course, but it does exist. Online cooking courses are usually led by experienced chefs, and they essentially take you through the stages of cooking a fab dish in a series of video tutorials. It’s a really useful course to take if you’re looking to get a few […]

Extra Training in the Workplace vs Outsourcing

It’s only when you look at your company’s expenditure over the course of the last year when you can see signs that you’re outsourcing way too much work. Many retailers outsource , whether that involves marketing, HR, customer service or design among other areas. It’s completely normal, but you may already have a team that’s […]