Why Is It Important To Learn New Skills?

During life it is important that we are always learning new skills, learning new things about life. One of the best ways to do this is through online training courses. But why is it important to keep learning new skills? The main reason that learning new skills is important for everyone is that it keeps […]

Should You Go Back To School?

Going back to school is something that crosses everyone’s mind once they have left the education system. Some miss the structure and fun of school life, and some miss learning new skills, so should we head back to school? Once you reach a certain age, you will need to pay to go back into education. […]

Continuing To Learn Outside The Classroom

Whenever you are with your children, they have the opportunity to learn. Children do not need to be sat in a classroom all the time to learn new skills. Some of the most important life skills they need to learn will be learnt away from the classroom, relying on the parents teaching them. For example, […]

Do Children Need To Be In School To Learn?

One topic that is being highly debated in the education sector is whether or not children need to be in school to learn. The truth is, we do believe that there is a benefit that children gain from learning in a classroom. When you think about it, they are being taught by people who have […]

Homeschooling – Encouraging Your Children To Learn

Homeschooling has become the way forward for many parents within the United Kingdom. Before the covid-19 pandemic, there was a very little community within the UK of children who were homeschooled. However, this has now increased dramatically with parents choosing to take their kids out of school and partake in homeschooling. But following this, parents […]

Are Online Training Courses Worth It?

Online training courses are becoming increasingly popular over time, with people choosing to take part in these courses rather than going to University or College. But, are online training courses worth the money and time? It is easier to search Google for online courses on your desired topic, with many free ones being advertised to […]