Homeschooling – Is This The Way Forward?

The previous year of 2020 saw the way we all think about schooling change in ways we would never have dreamt possible. 2020 saw the introduction of a worldwide pandemic due to the spread of Covid-19. This pandemic meant that everywhere was paced into lockdown, this included schools! Meaning our children were being homeschooled for […]

Is Online Schooling Going To Become More Popular?

During the last year of schooling, we have seen a huge increase in the number of pupils taking part in online learning. This is of course due to the global pandemic where the prime minister urged everyone to work from home, including all school children. But, the question we are going to look into today […]

Benefits of Online Learning

Online learning is becoming more common. With more students and parents of children opting to have their children learn from home online. But what are some of the benefits of online learning? One of the main benefits of online learning is that it allows you to learn from the comfort of your own home. For […]

What’s the meaning of being ‘self-taught’?

Self-taught essentially means having acquired some knowledge or skill on one’s own initiative, rather than through formal instruction or training. One example could be watching YouTube videos to learn how to digitally process photographs, but even though that’s not exactly ‘formal’ education, it’s not being self-taught in our eyes, because you’re learning from the individual […]

Using online videos to learn a new hobby

It is always good to keep our brains active, and while we may have finished our studies, there are always ways to continue learning. Online learning is now more popular than ever, with online courses and video tutorials to watch and learn from. Whether you are looking to obtain a recognised qualification or simply want […]

Learning a new language online

Education is an important factor that will enable us to succeed in whatever we do. With the stiff competition, people are aware that they have to constantly improve themselves every single day through learning but with a busy lifestyle this can be difficult. That is why e-learning is becoming a viable solution and emerging as […]

Online learning from your handheld device

Online learning is becoming the preferred way to gain new knowledge, and it has now moved on to mobiles and other handheld devices. Although online learning and academic courses are still popular on desktop, many choose to use their mobilephone to do their online learning. Many online learners like to complete their online lessons during […]