How much can you Really Learn Online?

There are so many different types of online courses, but how much can you really learn on the internet? Today you can find courses on psychology, nursing, project management, German, human nutrition and business communication among many other dissimilar subjects. So does that mean that if you complete these online courses, you’ll be fully qualified? […]

Graduates – The Initial Job Interviews

When your university training is complete and you’re rewarded with a degree, it’s time for the influx of job interviews. Obviously you’re going to have to send out a lot of applications first, but when you do hear back, you have to make sure you’re prepared. You are no longer looked at as a student, […]

Online Design Courses

There is a comprehensive range of online design courses to choose between, but it all depends on what you want to get out of the course. Some of these will be more focused on graphic design and print design, while others will be focussed on websites. If you’re not entirely sure on the area of […]

Creating an Online CV – 2/2

The PDF CV document can then include links to your digital curriculum vitae, and it gives the employer another place to go, but you should make sure your content is carefully crafted to appeal to potential employers. The same must be said about your social media links, and many people create both personal and professional […]

Creating an Online CV – 1/2

An online CV is essentially a website designed to give prospective employers the chance to see your skills, your portfolio, your bio and your personal statement. It’s a neat idea, especially if you’re looking to gain a job in the media industry, and the fact is, there’s only so much information you can include on […]