Homeschooling has become the way forward for many parents within the United Kingdom. Before the covid-19 pandemic, there was a very little community within the UK of children who were homeschooled. However, this has now increased dramatically with parents choosing to take their kids out of school and partake in homeschooling. But following this, parents have begun to see the struggle. The struggle of encouraging your children who were in mainstream education to learn on their own accord when you may not be the best teacher around.

As this is such a common problem popping up, we want to help you. Here’s how you can encourage your children to learn on their own.

Firstly you need to think about making it fun. Education and learning can be extremely boring for children. This is where teachers come in to play, they work hard to make their lessons engaging and fun for children. So this is what you and your child need to do. Speak about how you can make each subject fun!

You may also wish to focus on their likes. Focusing on what their children are interested in and wants to learn about can help them to become more interested in learning. It can help to spark a love for homeschooling. However, this may result in creating a bigger challenge for the subject they do not enjoy as it will bore them.

Finally, you may wish to think about rewards. We know this may seem like bribery, but it is a good way to get children interested in what they are doing. A simple reward at the end of the week for completion of all of their work may be all it takes to get them in the mindset to just do it!