Do Children Need To Be In School To Learn?

One topic that is being highly debated in the education sector is whether or not children need to be in school to learn. The truth is, we do believe that there is a benefit that children gain from learning in a classroom. When you think about it, they are being taught by people who have […]

Is Being Self-taught Beneficial?

Being self-taught essentially means that you have taught yourself a skill without the need for someone else’s help. This can be from watching youtube videos, reading books, or simple trial and error. But, is being self-taught in a skill really beneficial? While being self-taught does come with a large variety of benefits, it may not […]

How does homeschooling work in the UK?

Parents in the UK have the right to have their children schooled and educated in public schools, private schools or at home in what is termed as ‘homeschooling’. The schooling can be done on either a full or on a part-time basis. The local council can be approached for help with the education of children […]

Skylights for school classrooms

Students across all schools in the UK spend the best part of their day inside a classroom. They are often exposed to artificial light sources while studying than they are to natural lights, which is a bit of a concern. This has adverse effects on them including attention problems and poor eyesight.

Teaching jobs in Winnipeg

Teaching is a profession that very few, if any get into for the money as teachers simply are not highly paid. In general, in Manitoba teaching salaries are however pretty decent. On the other hand, education students know that after completion of teacher training there is no guarantee of finding a job in teaching and […]

Training to become a tattooist

Many tattooists start out as artists and art in itself is arguably a skill that you can’t be taught. Okay so you can take art lessons at school and you can refine your brush strokes but if you don’t have that inner creativity, it’s very difficult to do anything in your future that relates to […]

Smartphone Classes – A New Trend

While many people know the ins and outs of smartphones, some people struggle to adapt. That, however, could all be about to change, and now many big retailers are providing smartphone courses to help users get the most out of their handheld devices. PC World, Samsung and Apple are three of the big retailers which […]