Whenever you are with your children, they have the opportunity to learn. Children do not need to be sat in a classroom all the time to learn new skills. Some of the most important life skills they need to learn will be learnt away from the classroom, relying on the parents teaching them.

For example, you can help to teach your children the value of money outside of the classroom. This involves having them earn pocket money, and then needing to save up to purchase something they want, rather than having everything handed to them.

Another example is manners. Manners are not something that is generally taught in school. It is up to parents to use everyday life to teach their children manners and to be respectful.

Finally, you can also teach children about things they are interested in. We all know children love to ask why, so rather than brushing it aside, take the opportunity to teach them. Let them learn every day, let them buy a book to read about what they’re interested in.