Teaching jobs in Winnipeg

Teaching is a profession that very few, if any get into for the money as teachers simply are not highly paid. In general, in Manitoba teaching salaries are however pretty decent. On the other hand, education students know that after completion of teacher training there is no guarantee of finding a job in teaching and […]

Learning a language online

More people are actively learning a language through websites and language learning apps, but can you successfully learn a language online? Well, to be fluent, you will need to communicate and interact with native speakers, but this is now possible thanks to video calls and webinars. Learning a language with a private tutor can cost […]

Basic Health and Safety Courses – Complete yours online

If you only require a basic first aid course, you may want to consider completing yours online. Most training instructors in the UK offer both classroom first aid courses as well as online courses. Online Vs. Classroom With a classroom first aid course, you’ll spend a lot of time looking at the presentation, though you […]

Studying in Australia

The famous working holiday visa doesn’t just allow you to work and holiday in Australia, it gives you the opportunity to study there too. You can undertake courses in Melbourne, Sydney, Brisbane and Adelaide to name a few, and with many colleges and universities to pick from,  the variety of courses is huge! No matter […]

Starting a Sign Language Course

A sign language course can open you up to more opportunities, it can make you a more attractive proposition for employers, and it’s an incredible qualification to have. There are now many courses that you can take online, and more and more people are undertaking them. You get the flexibility to learn in the space […]

Training to become a tattooist

Many tattooists start out as artists and art in itself is arguably a skill that you can’t be taught. Okay so you can take art lessons at school and you can refine your brush strokes but if you don’t have that inner creativity, it’s very difficult to do anything in your future that relates to […]