Teaching is a profession that very few, if any get into for the money as teachers simply are not highly paid. In general, in Manitoba teaching salaries are however pretty decent. On the other hand, education students know that after completion of teacher training there is no guarantee of finding a job in teaching and education.

Busy schedules

Most people would agree that teaching is not an easy job despite school and class hours being shorter than the average 9 to 5 job in other professions and career fields. Teachers have to prepare lessons and spend time after school and class hours grading assignments as well as performing other duties such as tutoring and helping out with field trips and extracurricular activities. Summer vacations also do not equate to months off from work as many teachers will and sometimes have to take summer classes to advance their careers.

Time Well Spent

Anyone considering entering the field should and must consider such factors, however, the plus side is, in Manitoba that teachers with a University Education do make a decent living with very fair wage per yearly. Those who have an even higher education and ten plus years’ experience can make even more yearly. While teachers in Manitoba are not rich per say, educators do make enough to live comfortably.

A tough market

The job market is very tight no matter what career field you have chosen while also as health and medicine improves on the whole scale people are working longer and retiring much later than in the past. Job competition is fierce and the reality is that university graduates in the field and study of education are by no means guaranteed a permanent job. However, the good news for those who want to teach in Manitoba the schools are in fact hiring recent graduates, as a matter of fact the Hanover school division has in the last few years been hiring an average of thirty graduates per year while meanwhile Winnipeg’s Pembina Trails School division has hired roughly 40 new hires of both new graduates and more experienced teachers working in the education field.

While it is “tough out there,” teaching jobs Winnipeg are readily available. The reality is that not everyone will find a job and have the chance to teach as has been the case for roughly 30 years now. The current rate of new graduates who find employment is 65% however some eventually try to find a position in other provinces and areas or leave the field altogether. Some believe and suggest that the odds of landing a job in teaching are not as promising as they once were, but the fact is that the percentage has hardly changed at all. Everyone will not have the chance to teach as the process is competitive right from the start of teacher preparation programs and the selective hiring system is hardly perfect as is any system. Those who do become teachers have earned the distinction as well as the decent living that a teacher can and does make once hired. The market could be more promising, but those interested can find teaching jobs in Winnipeg.