Organise your training with a Filofax

Starting a new course can be difficult to juggle, especially if you have a family and other priorities. Getting your life organised is easier said than done, however having a Filofax is a good starting point. The great thing about this type of organiser is that you can choose what sections you want to add […]

Want a change in career?

If you are considering a change in career, have you thought about attending an evening course to help you get the education you need to make a change? Although night classes aren’t easy, they require dedication and good attendance, you will be rewarded with the qualification at the end to make it all worthwhile.  Evening […]

Learning a new language online

Education is an important factor that will enable us to succeed in whatever we do. With the stiff competition, people are aware that they have to constantly improve themselves every single day through learning but with a busy lifestyle this can be difficult. That is why e-learning is becoming a viable solution and emerging as […]

Online learning from your handheld device

Online learning is becoming the preferred way to gain new knowledge, and it has now moved on to mobiles and other handheld devices. Although online learning and academic courses are still popular on desktop, many choose to use their mobilephone to do their online learning. Many online learners like to complete their online lessons during […]

Using YouTube to teach yourself something new

Many people looking to learn something new are now turning towards YouTube for guidance. YouTube has an array of videos including many aimed at teaching new skills, such as language, instruments, hobbies and more YouTube is certainly your online go-to option when it comes to quick answers, many YouTubers add videos starting with ‘How to..’ […]

Career change before it’s begun: Changing Course

It is always advisable to weigh up your options before deciding whether or not to change your course. Many students start pursuing certain courses only to drop them along the way because they never took the time to make an informed decision. Don’t do something you regret without weighing up the consequences, read our tips […]

The Benefits of Learning Online.

The popularity of web has transformed almost every field in the real world dramatically. The best example for this is the development of online tutoring. Now every subjects ranging from simple handicrafts to most dedicated professional courses can be tutored online. Learning a subject through an online course has become a worldwide accepted mode of […]