Are you vying for a summer job this season? If you’re thinking of becoming a teaching assistant you must have a clear perspective of what the job entails. The pivotal role of becoming one requires experience, skills and a proper certification. Do you have the qualifications for such a profile? The assistant offers support to certified teachers with responsibilities that vary from school to school. A summer’s internship is wonderful experience for anyone who is adept at multi-tasking. They are assigned to help teachers manage class performance especially catering to students with special needs. The one-on-one attention provided by a TA is a necessity for students who are lagging behind and need a little bit of push.

Significance of Teaching Assistants

A number of teaching assistant jobs are available to enhance student-teacher interactions and provide opportunity to young candidates who are interested in building a teaching career. Such jobs are quite flexible giving you a choice to work on either a part time or a full time basis. If you are passionate about a certain subject, speak a foreign dialect or want to help children with special needs this job is ideal for you. For recipients who possess the right aptitude for working with special needs students then this role is quite rewarding. If the position compliments your skill sets and enhances personal growth then what is better than becoming a teaching assistant?

Role of Teaching Assistants

1. Teaching assistant jobs require absolute patience and sincerity. An individual who is able to communicate with students suffering from mental, social or emotional anxieties for example children diagnosed with ADHD or autism. The salary of this position can be quite competitive however it depends from school to school.
2. Setting up equipments, creating records of pupil’s work and their performance as well as tidying up the classroom are few responsibilities of a TA. Classroom assistants also ensure a quiet and cooperative decorum is maintained during prep.
3. Ability to support pupils who are suffering from learning disabilities while working with small groups of students. Classroom based tasks like grading assignments, monitoring students, planning field trips and/or teaching parts of a lesson assures an extra set of hands and eyes can manage the classroom activities.
4. Responsibilities outside a classroom like supervising lunch during recess, sports activities during the zero periods and organising parent teacher meeting can be included. While certified teachers are busy completing the syllabus, a classroom assistant focuses on analysing individual performance of every student.

Qualifications Required

Depending upon the institute/school you wish to work for the qualifications can be outlined specifically. An induction course has to be completed while you’re working as a trainee. The job can only be offered to recipients who are skilled at performing comprehensive tasks like reading, writing and numeracy. A creative flair with good organisational skills is a bonus to your portfolio with a general tendency to build a friendly relationship with the student. If you have had any prior experience in working with kids while volunteering, an authorised letter that signifies your expertise will be required. A Criminal Records Bureau check is necessary to secure the welfare of the child and professional dexterity.