Okay so it’s not the most common online course, but it does exist. Online cooking courses are usually led by experienced chefs, and they essentially take you through the stages of cooking a fab dish in a series of video tutorials. It’s a really useful course to take if you’re looking to get a few tricky recipes under your belt, or if you’re looking to improve your techniques, whether that be chopping, kneading or presentation.

With these courses, you tend to pass each module by sharing images of your dish as well as comments on taste. These courses are usually more about nailing the basics, so they’re not exactly going to make you the next best pastry chef in the country. For that, you’ll need one to one lessons in a high quality school, which is considerably more expensive then an online course. So if you’re lacking in confidence and you’re looking to learn how to cook whilst learning a few important lessons on the way, online tutorials can be perfect.