Many tattooists start out as artists and art in itself is arguably a skill that you can’t be taught. Okay so you can take art lessons at school and you can refine your brush strokes but if you don’t have that inner creativity, it’s very difficult to do anything in your future that relates to art. If you are very good at drawing and have a particular set of artistic skills, then you may be able to make the transition into tattooing. With this sort of job you have to spend a great deal of time in the studio, and before you can put your techniques to the test you need to practice on a dummy. These are available online, and they have the texture of real skin so it’s a very good starting point before a friendly person eventually allows you to ink them. Not just anyone can become a tattooist and it helps if you have passion for body art, but it is an opportunity for many artists who are unable to see a creative career ahead of them.