Starting a new course can be difficult to juggle, especially if you have a family and other priorities. Getting your life organised is easier said than done, however having a Filofax is a good starting point.

The great thing about this type of organiser is that you can choose what sections you want to add and the type of calendar. You can add timetables to input your classes in for your new course, detailing the times and locations. The calendars you choose is purely down to preference, and you can choose from one week on one page, one week on two pages, or one day per page to name a few examples. Having a calendar on you at all times means you can mark in any assignment deadline dates and any extra classes you need to attend.

There are so many other inserts you can add to your organiser and they could be related to your subject topic, for example, you can add the periodic table if you are taking a science-based course.