Digital Photo Processing Courses

If you’re a photographer, you may think you’re pretty decent at editing your photos, but if you look at the photos used in lifestyle magazines and glossies, you could be some way behind. Digital image processing is an art form on it’s own. It takes years of practice to edit a photo to perfection. Being […]

Learning Languages Online

Learning a new language is one of the most valuable choices an individual can make to improve their career prospects. They have the potential to create a larger impact than getting a degree at university (depending upon the course), and can open up a wide range of career opportunities that no other qualification can compensate […]

Studying for an Online Degree

If you want to gain a degree level qualification, but don’t have the time to do it full time, online studying may be an option for you. This can be an excellent way to study, largely because it’s so flexible. You can study wherever you want, whenever you want, and you can continue with your […]

Learning Shorthand – Can it be done Online?

Shorthand is a very niche and very difficult skill, and it’s used by journalists and reporters to speed up their work processes. With shorthand journalists can write down copy at over 100 words per minute, and they’re then able to read their shorthand back to create news stories. Obviously shorthand is produced by hand, so […]

Design Courses Online

There are many different types of design courses online, and whether you’re looking to create infographics, websites, posters, or banner adverts, there will be a course out there with your name on it. Most of these courses include video walkthroughs, whilst you submit your work online at the end of the course to have it […]

What Makes You a Skilled Teaching Assistant?

Are you vying for a summer job this season? If you’re thinking of becoming a teaching assistant you must have a clear perspective of what the job entails. The pivotal role of becoming one requires experience, skills and a proper certification. Do you have the qualifications for such a profile? The assistant offers support to […]