Freelancing online

Many people freelance online, it can be a great way to live if the businesses keep coming your way, but how can you make sure you’re always busy but not too busy? Well, having some trusted clients who retain your services is a good way to start, getting used to them and their requirements put you in […]

Learning a language online

More people are actively learning a language through websites and language learning apps, but can you successfully learn a language online? Well, to be fluent, you will need to communicate and interact with native speakers, but this is now possible thanks to video calls and webinars. Learning a language with a private tutor can cost […]

Starting a Sign Language Course

A sign language course can open you up to more opportunities, it can make you a more attractive proposition for employers, and it’s an incredible qualification to have. There are now many courses that you can take online, and more and more people are undertaking them. You get the flexibility to learn in the space […]

Digital Photo Processing Courses

If you’re a photographer, you may think you’re pretty decent at editing your photos, but if you look at the photos used in lifestyle magazines and glossies, you could be some way behind. Digital image processing is an art form on it’s own. It takes years of practice to edit a photo to perfection. Being […]