During the last year of schooling, we have seen a huge increase in the number of pupils taking part in online learning. This is of course due to the global pandemic where the prime minister urged everyone to work from home, including all school children. But, the question we are going to look into today is can we see online learning becoming more popular as the kids do continue going back to school?

Firstly, I think parents and teachers alike are happy to be heading back to school. Whilst parents have enjoyed having their children at home, they have discovered that teaching them and keeping them engaged does require a skill. A skill that most of us do not have. This is why people would assume that online learning is not going to stay popular.

But, the case with this is that online learning is still going to be popular as an alternative choice of learning for schools. You can imagine that snow days will not occur as often, with teachers and students being able to do schooling online. As well as teachers being able to set work for the child to catch up on if they are off school sick.

We expect that online learning will remain a popular choice. With some parents preferring having their children at home, so taking the home learning route. With schools using this in their favour to ensure children who are off sick, or if the school needs to be closed that the children will not miss out on any more vital education.

Are you a parent that has just sent their child back to school? How are you feeling about the whole situation? Do you think online learning is going to become more popular as parents begin to miss their children again?