Parents in the UK have the right to have their children schooled and educated in public schools, private schools or at home in what is termed as ‘homeschooling’. The schooling can be done on either a full or on a part-time basis.

The local council can be approached for help with the education of children at home, and by law, every parent must ensure that their children receive education from the age of 5 and onwards. The National curriculum that primary and secondary schools follow don’t have to be followed. If your child is currently in a public school and you want to do homeschooling you must notify the head teacher that you intend taking your child out of the school. The request must be accepted and can only be refused if you want to take your child out on a part-time basis. The council can come and check by doing an “informal enquiry” to ascertain the quality and suitability of the child’s education at home. They can compel you to send your child to a public school if necessary.