Using Tablets in the Classroom

Over the last two decades classroom technology has moved on considerably. Many 90’s students will be familiar with chalkboards, whiteboards, textbooks, film projectors, and bulky computers. Following this, there was the era of slimmer desktop computers and laptops, and we’re now heading down the tablet route. Teachers now use tablets to stay organised, carry out […]

The Importance of a Portfolio

No matter what industry you’re looking to break into, you need to show you have the drive, enthusiasm, skills and experience to develop a successful career. Many industries also demand a portfolio of work, including: Photography Journalism Creative Writing Marketing Advertising Design If your portfolio is broad, you will give yourself a better chance of […]

Creating an Online CV – 2/2

The PDF CV document can then include links to your digital curriculum vitae, and it gives the employer another place to go, but you should make sure your content is carefully crafted to appeal to potential employers. The same must be said about your social media links, and many people create both personal and professional […]

Creating an Online CV – 1/2

An online CV is essentially a website designed to give prospective employers the chance to see your skills, your portfolio, your bio and your personal statement. It’s a neat idea, especially if you’re looking to gain a job in the media industry, and the fact is, there’s only so much information you can include on […]