Online training courses are becoming increasingly popular over time, with people choosing to take part in these courses rather than going to University or College. But, are online training courses worth the money and time?

It is easier to search Google for online courses on your desired topic, with many free ones being advertised to you. Now, most of these will only be a free trial, or free for a certain period of time with the price being extremely high afterwards. So, these courses, if you can complete them during the free time frame are worth it for you to gain new skills. But, they may not give you the qualification you are looking for.

If you are looking to complete a course that will reward you with a qualification recognised by employers, you will likely need to pay for the course. These can be worth it if you are looking to gain employment in a difficult industry. However, not many places will take note of the extra courses you have done and will rely more on experience.